Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Connecting people to people and people to God for 15 years!
The book of Acts tells us the early church of the first century "devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship..." Acts 2:42  Fellowship is more than just people getting is God's people gathering with God in their midst. It's the connectivity power of the Holy Spirit working behind the scenes that makes the fellowship of believers so dynamic.
Home Teams are fellowship groups or smaller groups of Passages people meeting together in their homes during the week for Bible study, worship, prayer, ministry and just plain having a good time.
Passages is committed to growing larger and smaller at the same time. We enjoy the big group get together on the weekend but see the need for smaller, more intimate fellowship opportunities during the week. In a Home Team you will find friends who will care about you and be there for you in times of need. At Passages, when someone gets's generally the Home Team people who are the "first responders". Need someone to feed Fluffy the cat while you go to Disneyland? How about needing people to pray that you get that promotion you're up for? Your Home Team family is going to be there for you in lots of meaningful ways.
If you would like to join a Home Team or learn more, contact Pastor Keith here.