Friday, February 26, 2021
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Faith Promise Missions

At Passages, we consider every mature believer a missionary who is on mission for Christ.
The mission field has both a local and a global connotation in today's world. More than any time in our nation's history, people are not only unchurched, but they are completely unconnected with the Word of God and the commands of God. Therefore, you may be the only witness for Christ they ever get!
In addition to being missionaries right where we are, we also support career missionaries who are taking the Gospel around the world.  Passages Church supports seven career missionaries solely with gifts designated to the Faith Promise Missions fund. 
Every year in November, we make our pledges for the coming new year.  "Faith Promise" giving is simply a promise to give an offering - above your regular giving - in faith that God will provide the funds for this extra gift.   
To make your pledge for 2021, click here.  For questions regarding missions, contact Pastor Keith