Friday, February 26, 2021
Connecting people to people and people to God for 15 years!


In sports an impact player is a game changer. It's a person who, when they enter the game, the outcome is no longer in doubt. God sent Jesus to earth so the people of God, the holy church of Jesus Christ, would have impact in Jesus' name. At Passages we are serious about equipping God's saints to be impact players in the game of life. Whether it is knowing how to share my personal testimony and lead another person to Christ or knowing what my spiritual gift is that God has blessed me with and how best to use it...we are serious about helping you make a difference in your world for the glory of God.
When you visit Passages and see the number of people serving and making ministry happen you are looking at people just like yourself who took God's challenge to grow and that's what happened. They grew! And now they are in leadership and they are serving in ministries and they are helping to change many, many lives in Jesus' name and helping many, many people come into the kingdom of Christ and grow in Christ.
As you browse this section, we hope it is with the idea in mind of becoming an impact player yourself. If we can help in any way please let us know. If you have an impact testimony to share of something God has done in you and through you here at Passages, we'd love to hear it.