Friday, February 26, 2021
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We named our church Passages with life passages in mind. At every stage of life we encounter new and varied challenges. A challenge is an opportunity for personal growth and maturity. Getting that driver's license was a scary experience but one we'd all do over again in a heart beat. In God's Word we find challenge after challenge to take godly principles and put them into practice. For instance, God challenges anyone who lacks wisdom to ask him for it in the book of James. Psalm 55 challenges us to cast our burdens on God. In Ephesians we find the challenge to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Apart from God's help...these challenges are impossible. With him helping us we can do it, but we have to respond in faith.
So it's the same principle as growing into an adult...there is a rite of passage...there is a coming of age...and when we embrace the responsibility that comes with the privilege...that's when we grow and become mature. Sadly, most people own a Bible but their Bible doesn't own them. The challenges to grow spiritually cannot be taken seriously apart from the in depth study of God's Word and the willingness to take what we learn and live it. If you are looking for a church where you can sit, soak and sour you are not going to like Passages. We love God and we love getting into God's Word and letting the Spirit of God take that Word and apply it to our lives in practical ways. If we let the Spirit of God challenge us He will change the way we think and speak and act. If we let him do it long enough...sooner or later...we start to look and sound a lot like the Lord Jesus. Use the drop down menu of this section to see some of the ways we will challenge you here at Passages...or communicate to us that God is challenging you right now...and you would like some help!